We are focused on managing your business travel investment.

As a division of World Travel Bureau, we adhere to our standards of quality, service, and flexibility. Because you are a business professional your time is valuable; our intention is to relieve the stress and hassle of planning your business trips, incentive excursions, and corporate meetings. Our goal is to develop a relationship where you rely upon us to deliver service that goes beyond merely booking flights and making hotel reservations. We believe in a hands-on approach and feel it exemplifies who we are when it comes to personal attention to your corporate needs and expectations as well as those of your travelers.


A level of service that sets us apart.

We take pride in the level of service we offer our customers. It is important to us that our clients’ expectations are consistently met and handled with absolute attention to detail. With over 80 years of industry experience, knowledge, and professionalism, World Travel Business Elite is the standard for customer service. Our experienced Travel Advisors accomplish this by knowing and understanding your needs whether it is for a small weekday offsite meeting or a large corporate incentive trip. It is important to us that all your travel specifics are managed properly so you can focus on your business. Even when there is a bump-in-the-road we excel in being responsive and resolving issues as quickly as possible. For our clients, quality service must encompass the entire experience from concept to completion.


Our business travel team is lead by elite industry professionals.

World Travel Business Elite was launched with an exceptional platform designed for the changing business travel world in 2014.  The team members collectively possess many decades of travel industry experience. They have facilitated, negotiated and contracted with numerous global travel providers to develop customized travel policies for our customers.  Precision to details and cost management contribute to overall customer satisfaction.  This is evident in setting up business groups, meetings, and consulting with companies to provide better ways to manage their business travel investment with all the knowledge and tools available. World Travel Business Elite’s primary efforts today are to develop relationships with organizations/individuals, matching their travel demands with solid solutions.


Our resources are vast and trusted.

There are multiple benefits to being associated with the award-winning World Travel Bureau. For instance, our strong affiliation with Virtuoso ensures that our business travelers receive the best service and resources available in the industry. Our resources extend to every aspect of the travel industry including airlines, hotels, cruises, cars and various other services. These trusted relationships which we have developed over the years allow us to maximize your experience.

History of World Travel 80 years of providing the best travel experiences.

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A story

A Story
Let us travel back in time to 1938 when Harry Jackson, an entrepreneurial visionary, began his journey into the travel industry with the purchase of World Travel for $150. At the time Harry was a Professor at Santa Ana College and along with a few of his colleagues they conducted a low cost ($760) yet high quality 58-day European tour under the name “Cooperative Educational Tours”. With the success of these tours, Harry left the teaching profession and dedicated himself full-time to the travel business. After World War II the company began to grow into one of the top travel bureaus in California. Harry's dedication and passion for helping his clients enjoy the best travel experiences possible was evident to many and has been continued by his son, Tom Jackson.

Tom Jackson started working for the company at the early age of 13 stamping brochures and filing catalogs. In 1979, Tom took on a larger role and became the president of the company, taking the company to an all-new level by opening locations throughout California in Orange Country, the Inland Empire, Camarillo, and Carmel.

In 2019, Tom Jackson retired from World Travel Bureau and the company was acquired by Jay Johnson, a friend, and colleague, who coincidently had a very similar background in the travel industry! Jay Johnson began working at his father’s travel agency, At Your Service Travel Advisors, in 1985. Similarly to Tom Jay began his career in travel stamping brochures and delivering air tickets. Since then, Jay purchased the agency from his father, changed the name to Coastline Travel Advisors, and in 1997 joined Virtuoso, a luxury travel consortia. Coastline Travel has since grown to 6 locations around the country, many of which are storefront retail agencies deeply embedded in their communities, and one agency located in Monaco! Now with the acquisition of World Travel Bureau, The Coastline Travel Group consists of 10 agencies around the world. The entire Coastline Travel Group family is honored to carry on the legacy that began with Harry Jackson and we look forward to continuing the success of World Travel Bureau.